Happy Plate

Supported by the City Hall of the city of Nijmegen, Netherlands,
The Department of Culture of the Administration of Pushkin District of the city of Saint Petersburg, Russia,
TheSocial-CulturalCenter “Asilo”, Pesaro, Italy,
The Vashenko Art Gallery, Gomel, Belarus,
The Art Gallery Albatross, Berlin, Germany.

The International Social-Cultural project “The Happy Plate”.

The shape of the round plate followed a purpose in our project; it symbolizes the form of our planet. When painting on the plate, artists transfer their visions, emotions, and dreams on the round space of the plate, thus uniting themselves with the planet, humanity and each other.

The main purpose of the project:
- Creating the conditions for involving talented artists with disabilities into the creative activities of the society and giving them equal opportunities for realization of their creative potentials.
- The Goals of the project:
- Attracting the public attention in different countries to the issue of realization of creative potentials in children with limited physical abilities.;
- Uniting people of different generations through the creative activities;
- Organizing the exhibitions of artworks created by children with limited physical abilities as well artworks of professional artists;
- The revival of traditions of spending the leisure time with family members and friends;
- Attracting sponsors for supporting physically impaired children.

The project takes place in several countries:
Holland, Russia, Germany, Italy, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Qatar.

Professional artists and teachers participate in master-classes in painting on the plates for physically impaired children, both for children living in families and in boarding schools.
The main theme of the artworks on the plates is “Your recipe for Happiness”.

The exhibitions has been already held in several cities

- Sheremetev Palace-Museum of music , Saint Petersburg, Russia
- Bibliotheek Zwanenveld, Nijmegen, Nederland
- Stadhuis, Nijmegen , Nederland
- Instituto Statale D'Arte "F.Mengaroni", Pesaro, Italy.
- Palazzo Ducale, Urbino, Italy.
- Centro Sociale L'Asilo , Pesaro, Italy.
- L'oratorio della chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta, Monteccio(PU), Italy.
- Sala di Delegazione comunale, Padiglione(PU), Italy.
- Zentrum fur Fluchtlinge, Berlin, Germany.
- Electric Transport Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
- Museum of the Family of the Nevzorovs, Semey, Kazahstan.
- Library on the Cadetsky, Pushkin, Russia.
- Bibliotheek Gelderland Zuid / Bibliotheek De Mariënburg,Nijmegen,Nederland.
- Art Department of the Local History Museum , Mtsensk, Russia.

The author of the concept and the head of the project

We are happy to cooperate with you!

Когда ромашки были большими

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Самый счастливый момент в жизни..
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Они раскрасили этот черно-белый мир всеми цветами радуги.

"Мой самый счастливый день".

Это день, когда в моей жизни появились эти два маленькие существа, сделав мой мир ярче, наполненные, естественнее, добрее, чище и гармоничнее. Они раскрасили этот черно-белый мир всеми цветами радуги.

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