The International social Art project "Happy Plate"

The International social Art project "Happy Plate" together with the charitable foundation "Good of Creation" invite you to join our drawing/painting competition "Journey to Happiness".

The purpose of our competition:

  • To let people realize that there is happiness in the life of each of us, regardless of age, citizenship and physical abilities.
  • To make a series of postcards dedicated to the happiest moments of life, created from the winning contributions of this competition. (all profits from the sale of these postcards will go to the trust of the foundation "Good of Creation").
  • To show the creative abilities of children with disabilities to the people in different countries.
  • To draw attention to the equality of all people, regardless of their physical capabilities, age or social status.

About the competition:

  • Submissions for this competition can be entered from 25 March till 25 May 2017. (see also our  "Procedure for registration and submission of works")
  • Participants - No age restrictions
  • A scanned pdf file or quality photographed picture in the format jpeg should be sent to our official e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Include an message (or a completed application for participation in the competition) to your submission indicating: full name, age, city, country of residence and an valid e-mail address for communication.

  • The theme of the submission should be related to "The happiest moment of life".
  • Materials and techniques  - The participant is free to choose any material or technique to work with.

- The drawing/painting must be arranged in a circle and reflect an real happy moment of your life.
- Each submission should be accompanied with an story/explanation concerning the concept of your

From 25.05.2017 till 28.05.2017 an independent jury of artists and teachers from different countries will select the 3 winning works. These 3 winning works will be printed on postcards.
Next to the winning works, an selection of the best entries will be presented in an exhibition which will take place in June 2017 in the library of Pushkin (Russia) and in September 2017 in the Central library Marienburg in Nijmegen (The Netherlands).

Winners of the three best works will receive as price:
- Set of printed postcards, including the winning works mentioning the Illustrator’s name.
- A price from our Dutch partner - Pro Art.
- His/Her work displayed at several project exhibitions.

All participants of the competition will receive an certificate of participation in electronic form.
Only the authors of the 25 best works selected by the jury will receive an hard copy of this certificate.

The authors of these 25 best works also will get the chance to draw/paint their story on a plate in order to be added to the permanent mobile collection of project "Happy Plate".
The "Happy Plate" collection will be exhibited in October 2017 at the Electric Transport Museum in St. Petersburg dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the Tramway Movement.

Participate the competition, share with friends, relatives and acquaintances, talk about good deeds!
Together we will make this world more kinder!

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