TATJANA EGMOND is an interdisciplinary artist working in mediums: collage, art object, installation, video art, documentary.

The author studies colors and the feelings that arise when they come into contact. For the last three years, the artist, through various experiments, has been penetrating the essence of the colors themselves. One of the last experiments was that for three months the artist wore clothes of the same color, so he "set off on a journey" to the perception of this color and awareness of it in emotional life.

The artist's path:

This is a very personal story about the recovery process after multiple surgeries, the loss of an unborn child and a born child.

About how a personal tragedy led her to realize her own reality.

She creates a whole universe from pieces of paper, scraps of fabric, plastic and other waste everyday materials she found, and creates collages from drawn and filmed fragments of paper she found in magazines and second-hand bookstores. She simply arranges various objects, reflects on life, colors and, often, flowers."

Her art is a certain way of revealing the inner self and identifying it with brightness, despite the external apparent simplicity. And the plastic cork takes on new life and meaning. This is getting closer to yourself and the desire for yet unrealized potential.

In her works, she uses used material with traces of existence, to which she returns with regularity; this reminds her of not simple moments of her youth, when she, young and naive, was used for their own purposes.

Working with these materials, she wants to show that the external and internal beauty of an object can surprise and shock

From 2013 to 2020, Tatjana supervised and was the head of the international social art project "Happy Plate"

Tatjana participated in a student project and several collective exhibitions. Realizing her vision of displaying objects in large three-dimensional spaces, she participated in the installation "Suitcase" at the local railway station in Nijmegen, Holland. The municipality of Nijmegen praised her work as one of the best.

Her international project "Wishes Fulfilled".
The project demonstrated that love, friendship and dreams know no borders or nationalities.

Installations within the framework of this project were shown in Pavlovsk, Russia and Gomel, Belarus. More than 3,500 people took part in it

Due to the success of this international project Tatjana Egmond became an official sponsor of orphanage N 40 in Saint Petersburg, Russia.