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Tatjana Egmond is an artist/designer and an international curator of Art projects.

She participated in student’s project and some collective exhibitions.

Realizing her visions of displaying objects in large three dimensional spaces, she participated in the “The Suitcase” artistic installation in the territory of the local Railway station of the city of Nijmegen, Holland. Her work was marked as one of the best.

Since 2012 Tatjana was engaged as a curator of international artistic projects.

The first project was titled “Artistic Dreams”. The project demonstrated that love, friendship and dreams do not know any borders or nationalities.

The installations within this project were displayed in Pavlosk, Russia and Gomel, Belarus. 3500 people participated in it.

Pavlosk, Russia Gomel, Belarus

Due to the success of this international project Tatjana Egmond became an official sponsor of orphanage N 40 in Saint Petersburg, Russia.